Conférence d'une demi-journée avec des ateliers sur différents dossiers prioritaires de la coopération au développement de l'UE. En premier : le futur budget européen pour la coopération, la future Stratégie UE-Afrique, les Team Europe Initiatives, etc.
13.30h-13.45h Welcome from CONCORD Belgium
13.45h-14.00h (15 min) Inspirational speech by Tanya Cox (CONCORD’s director) about her vision of the challenges NGOs are facing at European level and CONCORD perspective.
14.00h-14.50h Workshop 1 (50 min)
The New NDICI/Global Europe instrument : financing opportunities for CSO. This session will give a global overview of NDICI/Global Europe instrument, focusing on the changes with the previous instruments and the funding available for CSO.
Speaker : Candida Salgado Silva (HI)
The new NDICI/Global Europe instrument : political priorities & advocacy opportunities
An introduction to the new EU instrument, explaining the MFF process and the politics around.
Speaker : Celia Cranfield (Senior Policy and Advocacy Adviser)
BREAK 10 min
15.00h-15.50h Workshop 2 (50 min)
Team Europe Initiatives : what are they and why are they important ?
A presentation to understand the new approach used by EU and Member States and what’s at stake.
Speaker : Karen Del Biondo (DG INTPA)
The Future of EU-Africa relations and upcoming advocacy opportunities at the EU-AU Summit
Ahead of the sixth EU-AU Summit, which is scheduled to take place in Brussels in early 2022, the session will focus on the advocacy opportunities for CSO.
Speaker : Gian Marco Grindatto (DSW)
16.00h-16.15h Closing & Remarks

Toutes les interventions se dérouleront en anglais, langue de travail de CONCORD. Les participant|e|s pourront poser des questions dans leur propre langue.